When it comes to specialty printing, Rohner Press has been an industry leader at putting ink on paper since 1997.


Bruno Rohner, a second generation printer, founded the company after working many years in his father’s Chicago-based shop. As Bruno saw printers entering an equipment technology race that he knew he could never win, he maintained a strong belief that the market would respond to beautiful and highly tactile pieces printed by traditional equipment. He likes to say that he chose to “zig” when many printers chose to “zag” (and many industry colleagues thought he was crazy for trying it).


Clients will often ask if we have a minimum print run. We do not. We have printed as few as one┬ápiece for a client and well into the millions for others. Our clients range from a bride looking for 200 invitations to a Fortune 500 company looking to print business cards for over 1,000 employees. We execute both projects with equal care and precision. We like working with different types of businesses and people; we believe that this “patchwork quilt” approach to our customer base makes our business that much stronger.


We exist at the intersection of design, full-scale manufacturing, and hand-craftsmanship. Bruno and the Rohner Team are inspired by a passion to print and a mission “to collaborate with the most creative and driven people and companies in Chicago, in the US and beyond,” and we would love to work with you.

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